Combi machine

At RDF we have a broad selection of machines that can manage any kind of job in the materials black steel, aluminum and stainless steel. As a customer you get maximum capacity because of the automatisation of the processes when using our combi machines for your complex tasks. We have high-tech production equipment and have a long list of machines that compliment each other well – which means that they can handle any type of job within metal work.

Get your all of your jobs done with one machine

Our combi machine combines several types of machines in one machine and unifies all the advantages of a stamping machine and a laser cutter. If you have a small amount of items or even larger orders, you can use the combi machine to process different kinds of items – even the extremely complex ones. The stamping part of the combi machine is used at standard conversions such as flange and thread and it has a powerful punch with a stroke speed of 900 1 / min. A laser is the most effective kind of processing when it comes to cutting of outer contours and complex inner contours that need maximum precision. Only by using a combi machine can you cut as precisely.

Effective combi machine for the industry

At RDF we have professional facilities and the opportunity to quickly adapt our production. That way – we secure our customers a short time of delivery and a better end result. Automatisation and quality are keywords for us – and we have a broad selection of solutions when it comes to our combi machines. We value our customers and their needs and we consider a close collaboration important because we know that it leads to the best possible end result. That way we can deliver an effective process through our combi machines that live up to the customer’s needs and expectations. We have many years of experience and a lot of technical knowledge which secures the right kind of counseling from start to finish.  

Our use of file types 

At RDF we offer a combi machine of a punching machine and laser cutter that is carried out after DWG or DXF files. This ensures productivity, flexibility and accuracy – which limits the need for further treatment or reprocessing. By using DWG or DXF files we achieve minimal use of heat and reduce the risk for deformation at the same time. Some prefer to deliver their cutting files to us, but our skilled programmers can also create them for you. We offer product development where we through a close dialogue create constructions in CAD-CAM systems. That is the foundation for our collaboration.

Get more information about our combi machines

We offer a solution that has automatisation at heart where communication and the execution of the job always is based on collaboration and high quality. We have competent employees that are able to accomodate any questions you might have – do not hesitate to contact us for further information.