At RDF, we use SolidWorks to construct the drawing basis for a new product. This helps to shorten the entire process from idea to product, which is of great benefit to both the customer and the supplier of the product. 

What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a 3D CAD tool that is used to display goods and products in a clear and distinct way. When viewing drawings in 3D, you get the option of a very precise illustration with the option to zoom in and out as well as to rotate the object. The animation on the right shows a simulation of an object. With such an animation, you can clearly see all the details, and in addition, you get the opportunity to discover any errors that can be changed before the item is put into production.

Animation of the Solid Works 3D product

Advantages of a SolidWorks license

So, SolidWorks gives the customer and the supplier the chance to discover errors before production, which saves everyone both time and money, since defective items will not be produced. In addition to these savings, SolidWorks consists of a number of tools that help to automate and thereby streamline the process from idea to final product. Our employees are well educated in the use of SolidWorks, which means that they can optimize product development on several parameters when using this program. SolidWorks also contributes to a more creative style for the designer with its many functions. The 3D CAD tool provides access to work with complex drawings in an automated design process, which helps to streamline both product development and production. SolidWorks and its features therefore provide a lot of advantages for both you as a customer and for us as suppliers. The benefits for us as a supplier are ultimately beneficial for you, as the entire process will be shorter and thus more economical.


We are happy to help you with SolidWorks

If you want to use SolidWorks or if you have become curious and have further questions about this software, you are welcome to call us on tel.: +45 9828 4288 or write to us by email: We have the knowledge within the field and the skills within SolidWorks to help you on your way with your next project.