Specialists in assembly

At Reservedelsfabrikken, we focus on quality and flexibility, and we have 38 skilled specialists within assembly. We have a wealth of quality materials and versatile machines at our disposal, so that we can ensure you the best possible end product. The assembly itself will take place through a professional approach, and our collection of competent employees ensures you the right solution based on what you need. You will work closely with a project manager who plans the assembly down to the smallest detail before the fitter then shows up to finish the job.

We offer all types of assembly

At Reservedelsfabrikken, our assembly work covers a wide range of different tasks. We offer all types of assembly within surface treatment and are always ready to help with various projects. The assembly is always carried out with a professional mindset and with close dialogue between fitter and customer.

In addition, we also offer final assembly, labeling and packaging, so that we cover all of your wishes. We have a clear vision in our work – regardless of whether the project is a small factory hall or a large residential building. It can be both large and small tasks, and we have great respect for adhering to the schedule that has been set in advance.

Get help with assembly at Reservedelsfabrikken

We offer a collection of machines and materials that can give you the help you need. Our fantastic team helps you and your company regardless of the type of assembly needed. We are happy to help and answer questions regarding assembly. If you have a desire to realize your upcoming project, do not hesitate to contact us on tel.: +45 98 28 43 88 or write us an email at