Machine processing

At RDF we specialise in manual processing as well as CNC machining. We offer milling, rotation and drilling and no task is too small or too large or too complex for us to handle. We have many years of experience within the industry and we guarantee high quality results.


CNC machining and flexible manual processing 

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and refers to machines that manufacture items through a computer. We offer CNC milling by ISO or CAD/CAM systems and have certified employees that handle the technical part and get your vision or sketch converted to numbers for the computer. We also offer manual processing where our competent staff handle the processing of the item. If you are unsure as to whether you should choose CNC or manual processing in your next project – we can help guide you. It depends on the complexity, efficiency and size of your order. Our processing center can handle almost any kind of materials from stainless steel to plastic and aluminium in both smaller and larger ordersizes. 


CNC milling and manual milling

Milling is a processing method that is used for manufacturing products with level or curved surfaces. Milling happens on a milling machine where rotating tools cut until the product reaches its desired form.


CNC rotation or manual rotation

Rotation happens on a rotation machine where the product is rotated until it reaches its desired form. The difference between milling and rotation is that the product rotates when processed when using rotation.

CNC drilling and manual drilling

CNC drilling covers tool machines that enlarge pre-drilled or moulded holes with precision and accuracy. This can also be processed manually with professional tools.


Special assignments within CNC or manual processing

At RDF we offer solutions to special assignments within CNC or manual processing. Our processing centre and skilled employees are ready to take on your project. We are yet to face a job where we could not deliver. We have the equipment and capacity to be able to meet your wishes.


An experienced business partner 

When you enter into a collaboration with RDF we guarantee that you get a partner that delivers high quality solutions. Our machines MATSUURA MC 510VG ensures the ability to process items within 510 x 380 x 350 mm and BROTHER TC-324N has the capacity of 420 x 300 x 250 mm. We have a lot of experience within the industry and have continuously perfected our skills within our processing centre, tools and materials. We offer quality at competitive prices and always deliver on time.


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