Assembly press


At Reservedelsfabrikken (RDF), we offer assembly press for all types of tasks. We have a versatile machine park that is able to handle both simple and complicated tasks with focus on quality and service. Our skilled staff are always ready with assistance and advice, regardless of the product or series size. 


High precision assembly press without visibility on the other side

Assembly press offers the possibility of mounting different devices on various workpieces, including braces, nuts, screws etc., and it is used for machining of thin metal sheets where they are mounted with maximum adhesion. Here, a selected workpiece will be brought to a specific position, and a device will be pressed into the sheet with a pressure matched to the choice of material. Regardless of the size of the workpiece or series, the assembly press will be without any visibilities on the other side of the material. Subsequently, mounting of, for example, foil or a foil keyboard will be possible. 


Customized tooling solutions

At RDF, we work with a large number of standard tools that gives the opportunity for customized tooling solutions. Our work is always based on your or your company’s needs as a starting point, regardless of whether it is a traditional or complicated task. Our versatile machine park allows us to work based on specific demands with almost infinite possibilities for combinations. Based on this, we can certainly help you or your company with your next project. 


Quality and price makes RDF competitive

At RDF, we have a large number of standard tools that help with all types of tasks regarding assembly press. With the help of our skilled staff and flexible production equipment, we are competitive with regards to both price and quality. Precision is a keyword of ours, and we focus on easy and fast mounting.

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We can quickly and easily mount or install all kinds of braces, nuts, screws, etc. on all types of thin sheets. We are always ready with help and advice, giving you or your company all the necessary information that you need to know. Do not hesitate contacting us by phone: +45 98 28 43 88 or by E-mail: