Your specialist in metal bending

At Reservedelsfabrikken (RDF), we specialise in bending. We perform metal bending of tubes and plates using the newest technology. We also offer pressing which is carried out by fixed tools (hydraulic or eccentric press). 

Our bending department has three Thrumpf bending machines in different sizes; 1 metre, 1,5 metres and 3 metres + 1 Amada 3 metres and 1 Safan 1,25 metres as well as 1 Salvagnini bending robot + Salvagnini panel bender.

Arbejder står ved TruBend 5130

An accurate and precise bending centre

RDF offers edge bending by our large Salvagnini bending centre. This allows a significant improvement in capacity and optimal use of the bending centre’s accuracy. 

In our bending department, we have a very flexible machine park with CNC-controlled edge benders, a bending robot and a bending centre. We offer bending of any kind of metal and many types of plastics. Our versatile machine park in our bending department gives us the opportunity to adjust the bending process from very simple workpieces to very complex workpieces, while still providing the best quality for the right price. 

We do offline programming with our three Trumpf edge benders which means that we use your own or our 3D files to create a bending program.

Contact us

If you are curious and would like more information, please do not hesitate contacting us for a non-committal offer. Our skilled professionals are always ready to answer any questions, advise or guide you in the right direction. Contact us by phone: +45 9828 4388 or by E-mail: